Issuing time:2020-03-21 16:43

Like it or not, automation is here to stay:ARE YOU READY FOR THE REVOLUTION?

Automation is driving a revolution like the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century,which there will be pioneers,winners, naysayers, and losers,but the reality is this shift cannot be stopped. In brief, manufacturing must embrace automation or fail in these round of reforms.

Today’s economic climate requires ever more efficient and cost-effective solutions. Higher and higher quality standards must be met for the continued growth accordingly. Now we have reached the height where the improvement of quality and efficiency is closely related to automation.Automation systems not only provide extensive efficiency and cost savings, but also provide unmatched process control and repeat-ability that the human performance domain cannot provide.

Automation is now required to remain relevant in today’s markets which grow ever the more competitive and globalized. Robots are no longer used simply to replace tasks which were once performed by humans. We are now entering an exciting new landscape where humans and robotics work together to complete tasks and collect information in unison. Automation no longer simply means replacing a step in a process with automated systems. Machine learning, automated work-flows, data collection, and increasingly friendlier user interfaces allow us to maximize the benefits of automation without requiring the setup times or specialized skills that were once required in the early days of automation.

In recent researches showing that no matter where you are in shop floor or in the office, over 87 percent of all operations performed by production workers can be automated. But does this mean that most of the workforce will soon lose their jobs?But the reality is the opposite, Automation enables us to focus our time on more forward-looking tasks, enabling us to better plan for the future. It allows us to focus more on quality, continuous improvement and enhanced control than just making a product. It brought growth, reduced overhead, reduced processing costs, all of which allowed the business to expand and add staff. Of course, some jobs will disappear, but at the macro level, the resulting economic growth will create more jobs.Automation now includes our automation systems in areas such as engineering and management, rather than just maintaining a workshop focus. As these innovations continue to drive the bar higher and higher, and the current manufacturing environment continues to grow, it remains one of the most exciting areas of industry.

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